The Beauty of Dogs Hooch


What is The Beauty of Dogs? For me, The Beauty of Dogs is the unique and often mutually beneficial relationship we have with “man’s best friend”. Be clear, this is by no means meant to undermine the relationships we can cultivate with other animals which can also be rich, deep, and enlightening, as I’ve had the opportunity to experience. However, for most, dogs are certainly our closest companions, often filling the role of our confidants, our comforters, our comic relief, our healers, our mirrors, our guardians, and yes, our family.  They can teach us empathy, patience, and compassion.  The Beauty of Dogs is their ability to be tuned into us and by reflection allow us to understand more about ourselves and the world around us.

Unfortunately, at times this beauty becomes hidden. It may be due to a lack of foundation training and socialization, miscommunication between humans and dogs, health issues, neglect of the relationship, or a myriad of other stressors.  When this occurs, unhealthy and unwanted behaviors can crop up. Ideally, such behaviors can be adverted with early intervention. However, if you find the beauty of your dog has become hidden, there is hope. Together we can work to bring that beauty back to the surface and restore what was lost or create what did not previously exist.

The Beauty of Dogs offers a rewards based training program geared at building a solid relationship between you and your dog founded on trust and respect. My goal is to give you the skills needed to effectively communicate with your dog for their well being and so you can experience The Beauty of Dogs.

We'll seek a mutually beneficial relationship through obedience training, behavior modification, and play, while resolving:

*Anxiety *Fearful Behavior *Chewing *Jumping *Excessive Barking *Human and Dog Aggression *Lunging *Leash Pulling *Housebreaking and more