Puppy Class


Puppy Class - If you have a puppy you have a special opportunity. While dogs of any age can learn, you will never have the chance to shape your dog’s initial view of the world again. The self confidence and socialization skills built at this time are critical to a healthy dog. You will learn how to gain your puppy’s attention and trust so he can look to you for guidance throughout his lifetime. Some of the topics covered include basic care such as feeding and exercise schedules, nail trimming, crate training, and house breaking. You will learn how to deal with biting or “puppy shark teeth” (as I like to call them), barking and whining, what to do with unwanted jumping, as well as teaching your puppy sit, down, and come. We will incorporate these skills into positive socialization with people and other puppies and dogs. At the end of class you will have the knowledge needed to lay the foundation for a successful relationship to last a lifetime.

This class is a 6 week course for puppies ages 8 weeks and older. $185


My Canine Companion


My Canine Companion - There is no age limit for dogs to enter this class. During these sessions you will come to understand dog behavior and learn how to successfully communicate with your dog to achieve desired behaviors and avoid pitfalls. Focus is given to creating a peaceful home by implementing relaxation techniques. You will also learn how to teach behaviors and commands such as walking on a loose leash, sit, stay, come, and much more! The whole family is encouraged to attend. After class socialization will be held as appropriate. 

This is an 8 week course. $249






Intermediate - You’ve learned the basics. Now let’s build on what we started by increasing distance, duration, and adding distractions. We will focus on keeping your dog’s attention when asked for while allowing them to learn how to make good decisions for themselves. You will learn how to redirect your dog to keep him out of trouble. Formal heeling and recalls will also be covered. While expecting more from your dog, they’ll be no drill sergeants here. Lessons are taught through engagement to keep both dog and handler happy and having fun! Attendance in Basics Class or Trainer Approval is a per-requisite for this course.    

This is a 6 week course. $185


Advanced - Are you enjoying training as much as your dog? Want to find your dog’s full potential? Up for a challenge? This course will cover off leash walking, high level real world distractions, out of sight recalls, and new obstacles to test. Attendance in Advanced Class or Trainer Approval is a required per-requisite for this course.  

This is a 6 week course. $165

  • Repeat any class at any time for the lifetime of your dog at no additional charge.                             (does not apply to puppy class)

  • Drop-ins welcome on previously completed courses with pre-approval.