Dog socialization class



Would you like your dog to have friends and good social skills? You may have heard that socialization is extremely important but not all socialization is equal. In fact, if your dog has a bad experience with another dog it can lead to fearful or aggressive behavior in the future. This class allows your dog the benefits of play and interaction while under the supervision of a trainer. Don't worry about protecting your dog from school yard bullies or other bad behavior you may find at the dog park. If your dog is shy or insecure, we can build his confidence by being his advocate. Or, if your dog tends to be rude or plays too rough, we'll help him learn how to interact more calmly and have good manners.  


Socialization class lasts approximately 30mins. Open to adult dogs and puppies at least 16 weeks. Rabies and Distemper vaccination records must be provided and UTD. Classes will be sold as a package at a cost of $25 dollars which would entitle you to 5 classes. That's just $5 a class! Packages expire after 2 months. You can attend five classes anytime within the two month period as long as you RSVP. Of course, you can also come every week and start a new package once you've used the five sessions, but with this package you have the flexibility to miss three sessions in an 8 week period.


This is a great chance to give the pups (and you) some exercise and social time. If you haven't trained with me before, a free meet and greet is required.