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This is really a question for YOU to consider. What are your goals for you and your dog? For each person and each dog it could be different. Our relationships with dogs start at all different points. For some, it starts with an 8 week old puppy who knows nothing of the world and now looks to you for guidance and protection. Will you provide that? For others, it starts with an 8 yr old senior who may have had multiple homes and struggles to connect or trust.  Or, maybe you have never owned a dog before and have no idea what steps to take to begin building your bond. Some have owned dogs all their life but now find that their old tricks don't work on their new companion. Whatever your situation and whatever your goal, I'm here to help you achieve it. My goal for you is to enjoy and enhance your relationship. So, what is your goal?



Large, small, furry, hairless, "sweet", or "aggressive", I'm happy to meet them all.  Whatever breed you have and whatever problem you face, I'll address it. However, we all have limitations whether we admit them or not. So if I believe your dogs' needs would be best served by another trainer I will do my best to find and put you in touch with that individual. A trainers' interest should always be in providing solutions to their clients problems and I believe in transparency. Check out the DOGS Gallery below.



Encouraging the Human-canine bond through teamwork