training options

The Beauty of Dogs offers training options including Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Day Training, Socialization, and Seminars to fit your needs. Together we'll find what that works best for you.


Puppy Class   

I have a puppy. So now what? Let's set you up for success! 

My Canine Companion

Learn the essentials for a well behaved dog.My Canine Companion lays the foundation for a great relationship built on clear communication and reward based training.

Socialization classes

Would you like your dog to have friends and good social skills? 


We'll fine tune the lessons learned in My Canine Companion Class and add increasing distractions to make it stick.

Thursdays 7:00pm

Advanced Training Class


Time to lose the leash. Move on to bigger and better challenges while solidifying your bond.



day training

Whether just for the day or as a program, drop your buddy off and leave the work to me. We'll spend the day engaging in activities to bring out all his best traits and work out the undesirable ones. Day Training Programs are recommended for difficult behavioral problems. Or, if you just want to give your dog a special day of activity, drop him off and let the fun begin! Day Training is also available as an in home training session.